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Sysex out

Postby NTO » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:08 pm

I would like to submit another :roll: request for sysex message building.

I have been implementing an interface for an 'oddball' midi controller I bought long ago, and needed sysex to light the leds on the device, as well as convert its CCs for transport controls into MMC messages. I end up using Midi Ox data mapping to achieve these messages. Would, of course, prefer to do it all within Bidule.

What I propose is a 'simple' sysex creator, extended from the existing message creator. I note there is some form of exception for the leading F0 in the existing message creator now.
Some basic length(s) could be selected. In my implementation, the led commands are seven bytes, the MMCs 6 (including the F0...F7). Perhaps the 8, 16, 32 form used in other devices, allowing for truncation (seems to be in the existing message creator)...

I have searched on sysex and noted "My main concern is having sysex go through the graph...", so whatever restrictions needed there are understood. For my wish the sysex builder need only connect to an output midi device.

(I do note and salute you have been responsive w/the direct connect passing in the latest release :) )

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