Plogue Bidule 0.9719 Released!



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes:

- Added AR Envelope
- Added Basic MIDI Aftertouch Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI CC Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI Note Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI Program Change Transpose
- Added Basic Waveviewer
- Added BLIT Oscillator
- Added Gate/Trigger Divider
- Added Gate/Trigger Sequencer
- Added Mono and Stereo Matrix Mixers
- Added MIDI Quantizer
- Added Sync To DIN Sync
- Added Terminal Dummies
- Added Trigger To Gate
- Added 64 tracks version of MIDI File Player
- Added 4/6/8 outputs version of Basic Audio File Player

- Added override of a few config entries per instance (OSC server port, buffer size, sample rate, fft size, fft overlap), see forum post for the details
- ADSR/AHDSR/Basic ADSR/Basic AHDSR: added a smooth to zero parameter
- Audio File Recorder/Basic Audio Buffer/MIDI File Recorder/MIDI Buffer : added parameter to never overwrite file, a filename will be generated using the current date and time if there is already a file using the specified name
- Audio File Recorder/MIDI File Recorder: added notification in the
patchbay of recording status
- Groups : added Switch Button and Textbox controls
- MediaPool : add view Waveform button
- MIDI Message Remapper: added Program Change to Bank Select
- OSC : messages are also sent to the same address with a _str appended if a parameter
is a list of strings
- OSC Creator: added Indexed String parameter type (input value is used for the
index of a list of string separated by ; )
- OS X : added preference to default to saving as WAV instead of AIFF
- Variable (Multi): Double-clicking in window brings a dialog to set a value
- Various small optimizations

Bug Fixes:
- A crash could occur upon deleting an unavailable bidule (red) if it was used for
group parameters
- AU Hosting: after loading a layout, a plug-in can end up using the contents of an aupreset file
instead of the saved contents
- AU Hosting: saving an aupreset does not make it appear at the correct location
in the list of presets
- Audio Value Display: display name doesn’t change if the incoming signal is 0.0
- Basic Audio Buffer 2 : immediate clear might not refresh the UI
- Catalog: clicking cancel on the confirm dialog to delete a group does nothing
- CrossFader/FaderCross : could give bad results when using pow
- Discrete Change: does not keep last value
- MIDI Echo : the number of echoes can’t be infinite
- MIDI Echo : some of the time divisions are not giving the expected results
- MIDI File Player: crash could occur if attempting to load a file with
more than 32 tracks
- MIDI File Player: home button cannot be mapped using learn
- MIDI Note Extractor : use newest doesn’t work if the same note is the newest more than once
- OS X : having too much plug-ins/groups installed could lead to the context menu of the
patchbay not working correctly
- OS X : on Lion, a permission dialog can appear when attempting to update the
Bidule ReWire aliases
- OS X : application does not warn that the user is attempting to run
from the disk image
- OS X 64-bit: if the OS is set to something else than english, some
plug-ins are unable to load their data back
- OSC Extractor: receiving multiple messages at the same time could lead to a crash
- Parameter Pool: an infinite loop could occur when attempting to delete links
- Plugin: the displayed list of linked parameters in multiple instances can become corrupted
- Presets: a preset saved data can be overwritten when using reorganize
- Presets: the read only flag does not appear on the correct preset if it was moved
- ReWire Device: could possibly not connect to the host
- Step Sequencer: note off events could occur earlier than expected
- VST Hosting : crash could occur when loading a fxp/fxb file if the plug-in
doesn’t show any presets
- VST Plugin: wrong number of inputs/outputs when loading a project
- VST Plugin: BiduleVST in Bidule could end up showing the wrong number of inputs/outputs
- VST Plugin OS X : extra menu entry appears in Cubase 6 once Bidule is loaded
- Windows: a crash can occur if your license file is in an unexpected format
- Windows x64: a crash could occur when shutting down the computer and not quitting Bidule
Get the latest version of Bidule here: