Plogue Licenses Audio Engine to Sibelius Software

Montréal, QC (27 November 2007)– PLOGUE ART ET TECHNOLOGIE, INC. today announced that it has licensed digital audio technology to Sibelius Software. Sibelius recently introduced Sibelius 5, the latest version of the world’s best-selling music notation software used by more than 180,000 musicians and educators worldwide.

“With Sibelius 3, we introduced high-quality sample playback to the world of music notation software,” said David Harvey, Head of Technology at Sibelius Software. “In Sibelius 5, with its revolutionary SoundWorld™ technology, we have taken another huge step, to help our users take advantage of the increasingly sophisticated sample libraries now available.”

Recent years have seen the arrival of instantly playable and realistic sampled instrument libraries, in the form of instrument plug-ins, from numerous companies and individuals working in digital audio and sampling. While originally dedicated to the needs of sequencers, increasingly those using software for music notation want to have access to those sounds inside their preferred environment.

“Plogue has gained a huge amount of experience over the years in hosting the various digital audio instrument and effect plug-ins available” said David Viens, Plogue’s President. “During the continuous development and support of our flagship Bidule Modular Audio Software, we made sure that the sound and behavior for each of them was as good as their authors intended to be and in a manner that was completely transparent to the user. Also, our company has always been following the latest developments and changes in operating systems, hardware, and plug-in APIs versions over the years, fine tuning our core technologies to support both the state of the art and legacy plug-ins. Since the launch of the very first VST specification in 1996, more than a thousand VST plug-ins have been released. With the inclusion of our technology, Sibelius 5 users gain a nearly unlimited amount of sounds and effects to add to their compositional and mastering palette.”