Plogue release Bidule 0.9715



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes:

- ReWire 2.6 implementation: 64-bit ReWire mixer and 64-bit ReWire device
- Windows: major compiler and compiler options changes, if you experience anything you do not think you should please report, this
should also apply to OS X
- Added Matrix Sequencer, MIDI Matrix Sequencer
- Added MIDI CC Splitter
- Added MIDI CC Type Remapper
- Added MIDI Note Splitter
- Added Wavefolder
- Added Variables Multi and Indexed Variables Multi
- Added Frequency and Magnitude Value Display
- Added FIR Table
- Added Basic Crossfader
- Added Knob control type
- Added Vertical Slider control type
- Added Gate LED control type
- New look for LED control

- ADSR/AHDSR/Basic ADSR/Basic AHDSR : added parameter to force envelope to go back to 0 on a retrigger
- Basic Audio Buffers/Multitap Delay: added option to force an immediate clear contents
- Choice: now answers to mouse wheel
- Crossfader/Fadercross: added more curve types
- Groups: added a parameter to set a group as the current one show in the patchbay
- Group parameters: increased the allowed maximum number of columns
- MIDI Note Extractor: added use highest and use newest stealing modes
- MIDI Value Display: added user-friendly mode
- Misc Sysex Filter: added undefined MIDI messages to the list of filters
- Monitoring: MIDI is now monitored on a per channel-basis
- OSC Creator/Creator2/Extractor : added more I/O configurations
- OS X: slider now answers to mouse wheel
- Value Display: added some protection to prevent excessive cpu usage if name changes too often
- Added Replace With Paste context menu entry
- Polyphony settings/unpolyphonize/ReInit/Replace can be applied to all selected
- Ctrl/Cmd-1,2,3 changes the mode of the selected bidules
- Ctrl/Cmd-9,0 group properties, group parameters
- Windows: added support for having user-defined MME and DS duplex devices through the registry, see forum post on the subject

Bug Fixes:
- AU Hosting: newly saved aupreset files are not added right away to the presets menu
- AU Hosting: Sync dropdown might not show if the UI is already shown and the plug-in requests musical time information
- AU/VST version : some connections which shouldn’t be lost are lost if a file is loaded into a different i/o config
- DSP/Polyphonic Adapters: processing mode is not saved/loaded correctly
- Groups: possible crash after using the Parameters dialog
- Groups: modified min and max of parameters could end up not being saved in a preset
- Oscillator: band-limited triangle was clipping
- Oscillator: band-limited triangle phase reset was wrong
- OS X: a crash could occur when MIDI Feedback is enabled and devices go offline and back online
- OS X: opening an AU with a Cocoa UI disables the usage of cmd-w to close windows
- OS X : multiple aliases to the ReWire device could be created
- OS X VST hosting: plug-in UI not showing up with the correct size
- OS X AU/VST version: fixed possible crash of the host depending on how the OS caches some strings
- OS X VST version: UI not showing up correctly in Reaper
- OS X 64bit version: dropping of bidule file not working
- OS X 64bit version: text not selected on rename dialogs
- OS X 64bit version: maximum number of opened files might be lower than expected
- Presets: current preset data could possibly not be loaded correctly when loading a layout
- ReWire: on Windows, if the host attempts to launch Bidule, the 32-bit version is always the one launched
- Saving: file saving could silently fail under some conditions
- Spectral Bin Delay/Graph/Graph Analyzer/Magnitude EQ: presets takes more memory/disk space than needed
- VST hosting: newer NI plug-ins were getting double keystrokes
- VST version: prevent crashing if the host sends effEditIdle before any effEditOpen
- VST version: better protection against hosts sending crap in VstTimeInfo
- VST version: 32outputs not showing as such in Vienna Ensemble Pro
- WaveViewer: out of bounds values aren’t clipped correctly graphically
- Windows: maximum number of opened files might be lower than expected
- Windows : some ASIO drivers could refuse to start
Get the latest version of Bidule here: