Plogue releases chipsounds 1.6



chipsounds ( TwitterFacebookGoogle+ ), the software synth that faithfully emulates the 8-bit sound chips from classic video game consoles, home computers and arcade games has just been updated to 1.6! This update brings many new sounds, effects and features to this already feature-packed VST/AU/RTAS plug-in.

In this release, Plogue gives a wink to the legendary Amiga computer by making possible to import sounds from .MOD, .MED, and .IFF (8SVX) files! As a bonus, the famous ST-01 sound pack is preloaded, tuned and categorized.

Also new in this release:

  • Added analog sounds and effects from 6 of the most iconic arcade games
  • Added PC Speaker beep and casing resonance effect (i825x PIT + Speaker Impulse)
  • Added Custom Waveforms/Music Formulas (Viznut/co’s Experimental music from very short C programs)
  • Added 4-bit and DMC Mellotron Strings
  • New graphical design
  • Performance and Stability Improvements


If you want to try out chipsounds for free OR if you are a registered chipsounds user, download chipsounds 1.6 here

Purchase chipsounds here gets a touch of watermelon from Torley


chipsounds was launched a few weeks ago at SXSW and is becoming rapidly popular among fans of the 8bit culture.

Co-founded by Addison Kowalski, Amadeus Demarzi and Courtney Guertin, allows you to create 8-bit style avatars for your Twitter profile and also add a funny twist to your Foursquare checkins.

The music played on the website and in the promotional video was made by Torley who heavily used Plogue’s chipsounds for this project. We wanted to learn a little more about his work. So we asked him a few questions:

MAX DELAND (PLOGUE):You said, Addison and Courtney contacted you after watching some of your chipsounds demos. What pleased them in your videos and how did they introduce their project to you?

TORLEY: “Our conversation was highly efficient and they are so nice, sharp guys. They simply told me they were “huge fans” — I presume it had something to do with my enthusiasm ;) — and introduced as a “fun website”. As we chatted further, more details emerged as to what this was going to be all about, and I’m convinced we all resonated on the same retro-wavelength, carrying similar nostalgic memories. As each screenshot was passed to me, I began to weave the sonic aspects of their world.”


chipsounds updated to 1.501!


Today, Plogue is releasing an update for chipsounds.

This update is intended for Logic OS X 64, V-Machine or Pro-Tools users. For users who don’t have issues with their current setup, it is not required to install this update.

Changes from 1.5 to 1.501:

* Added OS X 64 Audio Unit compatibility
* Added VMachine compatibility
* Fixed a few RTAS-related crashes
* Can now choose which slot to ‘host automate’
* Various bug fixes.