chipsounds Demo Finally Available !



Today, Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. is releasing a free demo version of its highly acclaimed chipsounds software synthesizer.

This updated version will finally give any PC or MAC musician the chance to try and enjoy all features of chipsounds.

Hear the sounds for yourself with the improved set of presets now covering an even wider range of classic video games sounds and tones.

- Standard “parameter automation” for monotimbral use. (Multitimbral MIDI CCs still available)
- Modulation settings dont change when you switch the underlying sound chip model.

The list of chips modeled:

  • 2A03
  • AY-3-8910
  • D1867G
  • DMG
  • P284X
  • SN76489
  • SID (6581 and 8580)
  • TED (new!)
  • TIA
  • UVI
  • VIC-I

The demo limitations are :
- Silence after a 15 minute session
- No Save

For current users, this new release will update your version to as well.

Visit our Download Section to get it!

chipsounds Videos: Demos, Tutorials and Reviews



There is now a new chipsounds playlist on Plogue’s YouTube channel.

As requested by many, we have added a few introduction videos for chipsounds. We have also gathered interesting videos from real end-users.

If you are an actual chipsounds user and want to share your experience, please let us know!


Second Demo track, this time its from Chupathingy



HAHA Oh wow! from Chupathingy

” I’m one of the lucky bastards who got to test Plogue Chipsounds. So I had some fun.
Wow, I made it to 8 bit daily.
I thought it could have used a little more work to be honest. But I’m not complaining. Thanks, guys! ”

Listen to HAHA Oh wow! by Chupathingy