Plogue Bidule 0.9719 Released!



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes:

- Added AR Envelope
- Added Basic MIDI Aftertouch Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI CC Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI Note Transpose
- Added Basic MIDI Program Change Transpose
- Added Basic Waveviewer
- Added BLIT Oscillator
- Added Gate/Trigger Divider
- Added Gate/Trigger Sequencer
- Added Mono and Stereo Matrix Mixers
- Added MIDI Quantizer
- Added Sync To DIN Sync
- Added Terminal Dummies
- Added Trigger To Gate
- Added 64 tracks version of MIDI File Player
- Added 4/6/8 outputs version of Basic Audio File Player


Bidule updated to 0.9707



A new version of Plogue’s Modular Audio Software has been released!

Version v0.9707 of Bidule contains the following changes:

* Added support for 12 cores
* OS X: 64-bit test version of the standalone now available
* ReWire: added preference to enable the 64bit standalone to communicate with the ReWire device
* VST: added support for plugins changing the number of inputs/outputs through audioMasterIOChanged

Bug Fixes:

* MIDI To Sync: fixed possible crash when loading an existing layout
* OS X: crash could possibly occur on certain edge cases of MIDI input
* OS X: crash can occur in host after last instance of AU/VST is removed
* OS X: crash could occur under some specific circumstances when plugging back a MIDI device
* Patchbay: connect-insert doesn’t work with some signal types mismatch
* Polyphonic Adapter: parameter links are not kept when using the Polyphonic Adapter
* Sync Transport: uses more CPU when the UI is shown
* + many more fixes

Plogue chipsounds 1.0 released today!



Montreal, QC, CANADA (October 14th 2009) — Plogue officially released its new chipsounds soft-synthesizer.
This new product allow any musician to faithfully reproduce the sound and style of vintage video game music and sound effects in a convenient plugin format, usable inside any sequencer or DAW, or as a standalone virtual instrument.chipsounds simulates the following sound chips at a never before reached level of authenticity in a software synthesizer:
2A03, AY-3-8910, DMG-CPU, P8244, POKEY, SID, SN76489, TIA, UVI and the VIC-I.

Powered by Plogue/Garritan’s ARIA virtual instrument engine, chipsounds reproduces the idiosyncrasies of the most sought-after classic sound chips, including their most well-known variations, as sonically accurate as possible without adding any non-authentic aliasing or DSP artifacts. Whether musicians are already versed into chiptune/chip music or just interested in those sounds, this is one unique instrument for them.

Research and analysis for this project has been made in house on Plogue’s large collection of cartridges, modified consoles and classic computers and also on the chips themselves using custom made circuit boards and low level 8 bit software code.

“The most authentic emulation of C64, Nes, Vic20, Gameboy, and Atari 2600 sound chips I’ve ever heard!” -8 Bit Weapon

“Quite simply put, it beats the s*** out of any other single chip emulation VST currently available.
chipsounds is a must-have for anyone who’s seriously interested in chip sounds but don’t have access to the real hardware.” – nitro2k01 (

Plogue chipsounds will be offered at an introductory price of 75$ until November 1.


About Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
Plogue is a Montreal, Canada company founded in 2000 and is the maker of the acclaimed modular audio environment Bidule, currently in use by many thousands of musicians and sound designers worldwide. Its core audio technologies have been licensed in many products in use today.

For demos or more information about Plogue chipsounds, visit

You can hear chipsounds EP made by members of the beta team here:

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