Plogue release Bidule 0.9715



Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes:

- ReWire 2.6 implementation: 64-bit ReWire mixer and 64-bit ReWire device
- Windows: major compiler and compiler options changes, if you experience anything you do not think you should please report, this
should also apply to OS X
- Added Matrix Sequencer, MIDI Matrix Sequencer
- Added MIDI CC Splitter
- Added MIDI CC Type Remapper
- Added MIDI Note Splitter
- Added Wavefolder
- Added Variables Multi and Indexed Variables Multi
- Added Frequency and Magnitude Value Display
- Added FIR Table
- Added Basic Crossfader
- Added Knob control type
- Added Vertical Slider control type
- Added Gate LED control type
- New look for LED control


NAMM 2011: Plogue announce a new VST/AU/RTAS Effect!



chipsounds updated to 1.501!


Today, Plogue is releasing an update for chipsounds.

This update is intended for Logic OS X 64, V-Machine or Pro-Tools users. For users who don’t have issues with their current setup, it is not required to install this update.

Changes from 1.5 to 1.501:

* Added OS X 64 Audio Unit compatibility
* Added VMachine compatibility
* Fixed a few RTAS-related crashes
* Can now choose which slot to ‘host automate’
* Various bug fixes.