VST banks and parameters vs MIDI CCs and program changes

A VST plugin's internal programs and the normal 128 patches of a MIDI synth are sometimes 1 to 1, and sometimes completely unrelated. It's a case by case basis. We are still not sure on what would be the best solution for the users.

Some VST plugins can also choose to listen to some CC's _themselves_ and map their internal parameters without Bidule knowing about it!!! (You can imagine the conflict with Bidule's parameter mapping:)

As a host, Bidule can't do much about that sadly, so any VST plugin can decide to map incoming MIDI CCs to their internal parameters without telling the host about it (in fact there is no way for the host to know). However, the Bidule CC learning is there on top of that, in case the plugin doesn't do it.

Two solutions we can think of right now: