Chapter 5. VST and VSTi support

Table of Contents

Input/outputs configurations
Tempo Sync
Plugins availability
VST banks and parameters vs MIDI CCs and program changes
VST errors reported by Bidule
Yet to be implemented VST Features

VST and VSTi Plugins

Bidule's VST implementation is somewhat different than what you might be accustomed to from other hosts. The fact that this host is modular, for instance, allows any possible combination of wiring that you can think of. This leads to new set of possibilities for plugin developers.

The VST 2.0 standard is full of very nice features, that are slowly being used by developers of both plugins and hosts out there. We at Plogue, feel many of these features should be used more often. We tried in Bidule to implement most of the more obscure features. Here's a rundown of Bidule's VST peculiarities.

Input/outputs configurations

We really support all possible combinations of ins and outs for VSTs. Audio Effects receiving/transmitting MIDI, synths with audio input, we even support MIDI only plugins (no audio ins and outs). There are few MIDI only plugins available, though, but they could be easily created. Interested developers may ask us for a template.