Exporting group parameters

It is possible to select parameters from the children of a group and "export" them as parameters for the group itself. For example, create a group and add a Gain bidule inside it. Select Group: Parameters from the contextual menu. Select the amplitude item in the tree to the left and click "Add". Select the "Amplitude" parameter that just appeared in the list at right, click "Rename", and enter a new name for this exported parameters (for example "Final Amplitude"). Click "OK" to close the rename dialog and click "OK" once again to close the "Exported Group Parameters" dialog. For advanced users, you can also change the type of control used to represent the parameter on the group window by clicking on the GUI Control button. The Columns control enables you to set the number of columns to use for the group window, the default is 1 to have a vertical list of all parameters. The parameters will be displayed in the following order if you choose to change the Columns value : parameter #1 parameter #2 parameter #3 parameter #4 parameter #5 parameter #6

Now, if you double-click on the the group in the patchbay you will see a window allowing you to edit the parameter you just exported. Setting its value will automatically set the value of the "Amplitude" parameter of the "Gain" bidule inside the group.

Exported parameters can also be linked in the Parameter window and controlled from MIDI.