Chapter 7. Groups

Table of Contents

Creating a new group
Creating a new group from a selection of bidules and links
Group navigation
Exporting group parameters
Editing group properties
Saving Groups
Group Manager
Group Submenu

Bidules can be grouped together to form a new bidule that you can save and see appear in the Palette. This way, instruments and effects can be built, re-used and shared. Anything related to a group in Bidule is shown in italics (labels in the patchbay, items in the Parameter and Palette windows).

Creating a new group

Selecting "New" from the Group submenu will pop up the Group properties dialog box, in which you will be asked to input the configuration of the group you want to create. E.g.: its number of inputs or outputs and of which types, its name... etc. The display path is to customize where your group will show up in the Palette and context menu instead of simply showing up under Groups. You need to use "\t" (without the quotes) as a separator, eg "me\tmyGroups\tMyGroup" will make MyGroup show up under me->myGroups.